Why I love It

Why do I love design? 

In a nut shell I love design because when used properly it can reach many platforms. But to say a little more;
I've always loved the quote "Design for people not designers." To me, this means that we should be taking our skills and gifts, and designing with usability in mind, and not just for what is trendy and cool to win awards and recognition. The most successful designs and projects to me, are those that anyone, not just designers, can comprehend and appreciate how they look and feel. Of course we are going to make it look awesome, but one of the biggest challenges of design is making sure people understand what they are seeing while also looking really really amazing. When you win recognition for that, then you are a successful designer.  

I love having the ability of being able to sketch and doodle a crumb of an idea and build out into a greater composition and spread it across multiple platforms. It's also super satisfying to me to solve design problems in a team by talking them out and pushing and pulling the germ of an idea that somebody had until it becomes this really great manifested project, and to see the outcome of it. I think that's how we become proud of projects and designs, by seeing it be born and getting it's training wheels and growing, then riding off into the sunset. haha