Digital Ad Set

Through the process of the Yakima rebrand, my team and I developed digital ad templates for consistency in the marketplace as well as ease-of-use for outside agencies. This shows branding ads, and product specific ads that correlate with the brands personas.

Small Car Big Adventure - Yakima 

My team and I created a campaign around the idea that you don't have to have a macho, mega truck to go on adventures. You can live in the city and drive a small car and rack your car out right so you can have fun too. 
Role: Art Director (idea and story board creation) Graphic Design
Team: Photographer, Videographer, Brand Manager  
Output: Three videos, online ads, Social posts, new library of image assets.

Social Post

Industrial Supply

Website redesign in 2008 - UX design and Graphic Design

Safety Month Campaign - Social media take over

Safety Month Campaign - Splash page and online ads

Safety Month Campaign - Online ad


Campaign Email - First of Several promoting Van Life Takeover

Illustration on homepage banner for 'Unracked' campaign highlight Yakima Employees and their adventures.

Online ad for seasonal campaign

Monthly Product email - Redesign of layout and content structure


Manipulation of Wordpress pages

Manipulation of Wordpress pages

Manipulation of Wordpress pages