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As of today I have lived in Portland, Oregon for two months and 3 days. It was a long and arduous process to find a job out here before making the move, but finally it paid off. After four years working at a small agency I've decided to take a job as an in-house designer to see how that world works. Since day one I've already experienced the differences of A, a much larger company, and B, the workings of in-house design. (Check back in a few months for follow ups)

Portland, is a magical, no, weird, no... Portland is Portland, a city that is not weird but a city of people that do what they want to do. If that's weird to people than that thought is weird to me. 
Before moving here people would say jokingly, "don't come back weird!." Then upon arrival I noticed, whilst sitting in traffic everyday, that the people around me aren't weird, they just act on what they want (or don't want - homes) 

For now we call Portland home. A much bigger city than Salt Lake, and one that we are excited to explore more and more of.